Health and Wellbeing Statement

Everyone at the Club actively supports health and wellbeing of all in the community.

As well as promoting sport on site we also support people getting involved in our community clubs as well as providing facilities to encourage people to help themselves and the wider community such as:-

  • Through the provision of training sessions the Club helps to promote the importance of physical health.
  • The Club also puts on seminars to help with mental health and wellbeing
  • The Club actively encourages car sharing for trips to site and also away from the site.
  • All teams that represent our club are encouraged to car share for all our away games.
  • Wherever possible members and non-members are encouraged to walk
  • Volunteers are also requested to help with litter picking events on site, improving the environment as well as providing a social and health benefit to all participants
  • The club has provided a facility for a gym on site to encourage members of the community to improve their fitness.
  • A Nordic walking group has been added to the community club, which again helps with both social and physical wellbeing.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to help with the upkeep of the grounds
  • We encourage cycling on site through the provision of cycle racks and also a bicycle repair pop up service.
  • The Club has installed solar panels with the aim to have a significant part of its electricity usage from renewables.

The above are some of the ways the Club helps to support the community in wellbeing, both mental and physical, as well as helping to improve the environment and wider community.